Things I like:
strawberries. vintage cameras. making gifs. swimming. summer. travelling. orange juice. blankets. candy and snacks. walking in the forest. taking polaroids. video games. making prints. road trips. colours. breakfast. 

I'M Amanda!

Hi there!

I'm a Gothenburg/BorĂ¥s based photographer that loves summer and everything with pretty light. I live with my husband and our son so I spend most of my free time pretending to be a dinosaur or a shark. 

My passion is photographing feelings. I love feelings and I promise you that if you cry I will cry. 

I would describe my style as documentary with a bit of the editorial feel to it! I love the rawness and the feelings and I want you to look at your photos and say "that is how it felt". 

I would love to hear your story, please contact me here: